Sunday, March 24, 2013

First day!!!

Libby started 1st grade at her new school this year.  We are SO blessed that she is able to attend this school that is public, diverse, and AMAZING!  It's also super close to our house, which I love.  She wasn't nervous at all.  Just very excited about her new uniform!

We thought she wasn't going to know very many friends who were going there, but at the last minute several of her MOST FAVORITE friends got in as well!  We all went out for cupcakes during the first week to celebrate!

Monday, March 18, 2013

More summer fun

I really need to get caught up. Here are some more pics from last summer...

Knox and his good buddy Elias making "mean guy faces"

Knox celebrated his birthday at Pa's house

Libby and Knox switched bodies one day...

We celebrated cousin Brittany's wedding and Honey and Pop Pop's 40th anniversary

Libby and Knox got to spend a fun week at Pammy and Gramps.  They fished, went to VBS at their church, swam at the pool with their Salem friend Kylie, snuggled and played guitar...

Libby has a very special little dog names Clifford that Nanny gave her several years ago. We happened to find his EXACT twin at a little store near Pammy's house, so now Knox has his own Clifford.